The Process

Free Consultation

The process starts with a telephone consultation between the parent and Dr. Yampolsky in order to:

  • Discuss concerns
  • Determine whether an evaluation or a consultation (e.g., record review, etc) is most appropriate

Prior to Evaluation Day

  • Parent Questionnaire - Parents are asked to complete questionnaires on the student’s social, medical, educational and family histories.
  • Copies of Previous Testing – Parents are asked to provide copies of all previous assessment reports.
  • Teacher Questionnaire - The student’s school is asked to complete a questionnaire on academic and social progress at school.

Evaluation Day

  • The student is given a battery of tests covering oral language; written language; underlying reading component skills.
  • Please bring snacks and/or lunch for your child.

Conference Day

Parents are presented a conference on test results which includes:

  • Review and explanation of results
  • Recommendations
  • Written report is sent to parents prior to conference day. 

Follow Up

  • Results discussed with the school or other professionals (when requested by parents)
  • Ongoing communication as needed
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