Services offered include:


We evaluate the student’s capacity to process language, with a specific focus on the relationship between oral and written language.  Comprehensive evaluations include a combination of any of the following methods:

  • Standardized testing
  • Qualitative testing  
  • Qualitative observation of test behavior
  • “Diagnostic Intervention” to help indicate how the child will respond to various strategies
  • School work analysis
  • Classroom observations may be requested if needed


The comprehensive evaluation provides individualized recommendations for interventions grounded in the most current research.  We will make appropriate referrals for specific interventions and programs.  

Areas Assessed:


There are many existing reading programs, and it is critical for parents to make the best choices in order to optimize their child’s success.  If the child has an existing diagnosis but there are questions about the most appropriate fit in terms of instructional approaches, a consultation may be beneficial. 

The consultation includes a thorough review of previous testing and the child’s current educational program.  Dr. Yampolsky is available to meet with families and to work collaboratively with school personnel.  Parents also learn strategies to foster their child’s language and reading skills.  Additional testing may be suggested in order to recommend the most appropriate remediation techniques based on the child’s strengths and needs in underlying language base. 

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