The Needham Speech-Language & Reading Clinic, LLC specializes in the connection between spoken and written language. Its mission is to help children and young adults overcome the barriers they face due to reading and language difficulties. 

Our goal is to assist families and schools in identification and intervention in order to maximize a child’s ability to achieve his or her potential and to preserve self-esteem.


The following questions, and much more, are carefully detailed in the assessments: 

  • Does your child read slowly, miss words, guess at words, misunderstand sentences, or not remember what he has just read?

  • Does he have difficulty explaining his thoughts, telling a story or talking about his day?
  • Does she have trouble finding the right words, even though she knows what she wants to say?
  • Is she having trouble pronouncing words or producing sounds?
  • If she has problems with her speech, can these affect her reading development?
  • Does he have difficulty following directions or following along in class?
  • Is his vocabulary age-appropriate?
  • Does she comprehend what she is reading? If not, what are the specific reasons?
  • How do his oral language skills relate to his reading skills?


Getting at the root of the reading or language problem will ensure focused and targeted intervention, and help him or her succeed as a learner.

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